vrijdag 19 juni 2009

ONcovered, the sound of graphic design

voor meer informatie en de hoesontwerpen kijk op ONcovered.nl
tentoonstelling te zien:
Nov 15 ONcovered @ GDFB
Oct 15 ONcovered @ Metropool
Jul 18 ONcovered @ Patronaat
Jun 17 ONcovered @ P60
Jun 13 ONcovered @ paraplufabrieken
Jun 01 ONcovered @ Luxor Live
Jan 12 ONcovered @ Eurosonic/Noorderslag
Aug 30 Project presentation

zxzw is INCUBATE geworden

in·cu·bate (nky-bt, ng-)
v. in·cu·bat·ed, in·cu·bat·ing, in·cu·bates
1. To sit on (eggs) to provide heat, so as to promote embryonic development and the hatching of young; brood.
a. To maintain (eggs, organisms, or living tissue) at optimal environmental conditions for growth and development.
b. To maintain (a chemical or biochemical system) under specific conditions in order to promote a particular reaction.
3. To form or consider slowly and protectively, as if hatching: incubated the idea for a while, then announced it.
a. To brood eggs.
b. To develop and hatch.
c. To undergo incubation.
4. Het Tilburgse festival voor independent culture
web: www.incubate.org